The Midnight Dance

"I have a question that's been on my mind since I started watching this musical again. Will we EVER know for sure who's related who and who is who's mate? Or will it always be rumors and speculation? Cuz I remember when I was a kid watching the movie, I had always thought that Munkustrap and Mistoffelees were brothers but now I come to find out, sadly, they aren't."

I’m actually glad you asked me this, because lately I’ve been thinking about making a post addressing this very topic. It’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a while.

I get a LOT of messages asking me what relationships are canon. I love messages, so I don’t mind answering these at all. I’m very happy (and probably way too eager) to share my headcanons. But, if you’ll notice, on every ask I get about them, I try to make sure to ALWAYS say things like “in my opinion” or “I personally think” or “to me, this is that”, etcetera.  Because I want my beautiful followers to understand that even though I might think something, it doesn’t make it canon, and it doesn’t mean I think you should feel the same way! There are some headcanons that other people have that I will never accept, but that doesn’t mean they’re invalid or wrong – just different!

This is especially true if you’re only considering the video. It’s sort of a stand-alone thing. I’m sure all the various other productions that have been staged over the years lean unofficially towards some relationships over others. But these are NOT consistent from one production to another, even in replicas. For example, in the video, Victoria does the mating dance with Plato. In at least one other production I’ve seen, she does it with Mistoffelees (yeahhh!). I mean, heck, not even all the characters themselves are the same from one production to the next.

You can ship anything you want. It will always be correct. And it will always be wrong – to someone else. I mean, Silver&Gold are pretty heavily thrown in your face in the video, and there are people who don’t ship them at all. And I say this all the time – that’s the beauty of this particular fandom. The musical isn’t about individual relationships, so it doesn’t focus on them. They’re just a bonus. It’s about a family as a whole. A tribe. A unit of unashamed felinity. There are toms, and there are queens, and there are kittens - and among them, there are friendships, crushes, romances, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Or maybe NONE of them are related.

Don’t say Munkustrap and Mistoffelees aren’t brothers. I don’t think they are, but I know there are PLENTY of people who do. They are right, you are right. There is no wrong in this fandom, really. As long as all of us can agree to disagree, and squee about when we DO agree – why have it any other way??


"Hi there! I absolutely love your blog :) Grew up watching the movie they made of Cats and it was my favorite. I recently rediscovered my love for this musical after a few years of not seeing it and finding your blog has been amazing for me, bringing back so many memories when I was a kid watching it, doing dance moves and singing every single song. I'm not sure if you've answered this before but who's your favorite cat? (if you have one) My two favorites are Munkustrap and Mistoffelees :)"

Hello!! Thank you so much! Always happy to hear about fellow Jellicles rediscovering their love for this wonderful show <3 I didn’t grow up with it, but it heavily impacted my life (well, more appropriately, it consumed my life!).

As for my favorite Cat - well, I guess I haven’t been doing my job, have I?? My ultimate favorite Jellicle, and one of my favorite characters just in general, is Demeter (well, video!Demeter, at least). I ADORE Demeter. A good chunk of my love for CATS is actually my love for Demeter. I cannot describe how much I love her I just kjadlkghadh DEMETER.

Whew, anyway! Also, I’ll warn you, I’m also a ridiculously huge SIlver&Gold shipper.

Other favorites of mine are: Plato, Tumblebrutus, Victoria, and Admetus :)

Anonymous asked:
"Have you ever thought of a human!cats au? What do you think some of your favourite characters would look like if they were human?"

Truth be told, I don’t think about it that much, if at all - partly because they’re so human-like already, and partly because Cats are way more endearing than humans =P I actually think I imagine the Jellicles as actual, normal housecats more often than I imagine them as humans.

"Do you know why the macavity dance is like that? Did bomba and demeter had a sexual history with macavity?(sorry for my english)"

That is a popular opinion, yes. I can’t really elaborate on that any further, though, because I really can’t imagine either of them having ever had a willing sexual relationship with him. 

But still … Demeter getting her sexy on … can’t really complain.

"Is mr mistoffelees and victoria brothers and sisters?"

I would say that this is a divisive topic in the fandom. Some see them as siblings, others see them as mates, and still others see them as good friends. The non-shippers of Misto/Victoria probably ship Plato/Victoria instead.

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer here. Perhaps certain productions do try to lean one way or another, but it’s largely just up for fan interpretation. If you want them to be siblings, then they are! If you want them to be mates, then they are!

Myself, personally? To me, Quaxo and Mistoffelees as separate characters, and I ship Victoria with Quaxo, not Misto. But that’s just over-complicating things!

Anonymous asked:
"how did you make your case?"

Haha it was nothing ingenious or anything. I just scanned in my Playbill, fiddled with the cropping it a bit, and sent the image through on, and they shipped it to me :) 

Yep so I used my Opening Night Playbill as my new phone case.

"Okay can we discuss how in the film their makeup is flawless?? Like it's literally art and detailed beautifully and I can't get over it. Sometimes I have to pause on their head shots and admire it for a few second lmaooo"

I knooooow it’s so prettyful! I wish they could have had a better makeup featurette on the DVD extras. With the actual film actors. That would have been nice. And with actual demonstrations and actual talking about the makeup and more characters and basically just better everything. Sighhh. But perhaps there are legal issues in place with their makeup plots … or maybe RUG just sucks. Or both, I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s not just the video, don’t forget! All the different productions have their own unique flair! Everything about CATS is art. There is nothing about CATS that isn’t beautiful and stunning and jaw-dropping. 

I too pause on headshots but it’s mainly just to cry over Demeter and her perfection.

Would it be weird if I made my currently-empty walk-in closet into a CATS shrine? Complete with tea-lights?

Anonymous asked:
"I've watched CATS the movie for pretty much my entire life but I never understood in Gus' part when the ghost thing with red eyes came out and made Gus cry. Is it like a hallucination of his part as growl tiger and he sorta gets emotional???"

That’s actually Firefrorefiddle, the Fiend of the Fell, as mentioned in the song :) Since it was allegedly his “grandest creation” it makes sense that that would be the role to stay with him all these years.

I do kinda wish they could have made it Growltiger, just to make up for them cutting it out of the video. But that wouldn’t have made sense, since the only time Growltiger is usually mentioned in the song is at the very end, when it actually starts to segue into the number itself. 

Sighhh. I will always mourn for the cut Growltiger >.< What could have been.

Anonymous asked:
"I didn't realise there was a Cats fandom on Tumblr. I don't have a blog myself, but I really enjoy yours! I've always loved this musical and it never fails to cheer me up. Thanks for blogging about it!"

Hello!! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a nice message :D I appreciate it! CATS always cheers me up, too. It’s my go-to thing for pretty much every and any emotion. I don’t know what I’d do without it!