The Midnight Dance

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I will never stop mourning for Growltiger’s absence in the video.

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How does seeing it live compare to the video? I’ve always wanted to see it but I’m afraid I’ll hate it because I’ve watched the video hundreds of times. Glad you liked it! :)

Okay trust me on this! I am the girl who watched the video three times a day every single day for about a year of my life. I still watch it as often as I can. I know the video inside and out. I worship the video. The video means everything to me.

But it’s missing so much!!!

And I’m not just talking about verses and songs and dance sequences, even though that’s also right up there. There’s just an immersive aspect of CATS that the video cannot convey. The vibrance and energy of the lights and the music. The audience interaction by the actors. And the background interactions between characters. If you see it live, you never see it the same way twice. CATS is alive. The video, unfortunately, in many ways, is not.

If you have the chance to see a good production, PLEASE GO SEE IT. I will be insanely jealous of you, but for the love of the Everlasting Cat, see it. It’s an experience. When I see CATS, I am smiling from overture to finale. When I see CATS, it only makes me fall in love with it even more, which sometimes I can’t even believe is possible, because CATS is the love of my life. 

CATS at the Benedum in Pittsburgh (with mah friend lcrell)! It was a really good production, I thought, even though I don’t have anything specific to comment on (besides Demeter’s fantastic wig). Everything was perfect. And we had great seats, even though I wish we could have been down below so the Cats could creep in our faces.

It was so good seeing it live again <3 Now and Forever.

(and of course I made my friend watch the video with me the day after … )

I’ll be seeing this tomorrow =^_^=

I’ll be seeing this tomorrow =^_^=

Gonna be seeing this in a week!

"Am I the only fan interested in hearing the change?"

Well … I can’t say I’m not interested. It’s such a drastic and unexpected change that I do want to see exactly how ALW envisions it. It’s … complicated. I’m intrigued, but I don’t want it.

I’m more interested in how he wants to change Growltiger, since I do know that that IS a number not everyone likes.

Anonymous asked:
"Am I the only CATS fan that is very upset about changing the Rum Tum Tugger? :/"

I feel very confident in assuring you that, no, you are definitely not the only one! I haven’t heard one positive comment about it since it was announced. Unfortunately, there really is no doing anything about it.

“I’m going to make Rum Tum Tugger a contemporary street cat and he has to do hip ho-

Someone said I should start making reaction gifs, so here, have one.

"hello!! i have been in two productions of CATS (the first performance of the second time is tonight!) and i have been mistoffelees twice! and my love for this musical has grown so strong i had to make a CATS blog. if you could maybe promo or put me in your jellicle family that would be super neat o3o ! the url is snurglesnatch(.)tumblr(.)com !!! thank u so much have a wonderful day!!"

Hi!! Wow, break a leg tonight :D Being Mistoffelees must be hard work but what a great part!

I put your link in my sidebar, and this is me asking the lovely Jellicles out there to go follow you (x) =^_^= Love that the lyrics in your sidebar are the French ones :) Arrivez tous les Jalupates!


TS Eliot Reads TS Eliot | The Rum Tum Tugger

Since ALW has been talking about the rhythm TS Eliot presents in his original poem, I thought it would be appropriate to reblog this again. TS Eliot himself reading it.

other poems here (x)



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