The Midnight Dance

Has anyone gone to, or is anyone planning on going to the Broadway Flea Market? I might be going this year!

I know this isn’t in the current versions but I really like this little verse.

Avenue Q

My CATS music collection.


The show went out on Broadway the way it came in - with a bang. Before it opened, they used to say that CATS was gonna be a dog. It wasn’t.


For the 10 million people who have seen CATS on Broadway and the thousands of New Yorkers whose lives and careers were affected by the extraordinary CATS phenomenon, congratulations and thank you.

I got tagged for this on one of my other blogs, so I thought I’d do it here as well:

Name: mysta
Age: 24
Gender: female

Food: gumbo, cheesecake, seafood with pasta, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, salmon sushi, cheap americanized Chinese food

Drink: vanilla or nutty flavored tea/latte/milk steamers, lemon water, ginger ale, vanilla coke

Book: The Little White Horse, the Nancy Drew series, Les Miserables, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, The Secret Garden, His Dark Materials, The Chronicles of Narnia (in particular, The Magician’s Nephew, LWW, The Dawn Treader, and The Last Battle), The Last Unicorn

Author: none, really

Song: All Disney, and anything from my favorite musicals

Movie: Disney (most of the animated canon, but in particular: the entire Renaissance, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, The Rescuers, The Fox and the Hound, Dinosaur, Lilo and Stitch, Tangled, Frozen), Pixar (Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Brave), Amelie, GATTACA, The Wizard of Oz

TV Show: not a big tv person, but …The Nanny, Dexter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Breaking Bad, House, The Lost World, Green Acres, What’s My Line

Band: don’t listen to bands

Solo Artist: don’t really listen to mainstream or pop music

Place: I’m not much of a traveller. I’ll just say NYC. And my college 

Subject: Biology (my major), especially zoology/comparative vertebrate/evolutionary/phylogenetic/population/ecology stuff, history (mostly ancient), english, math, French - I love most anything! 

Sport: ew

Male Actor: um … I can’t really think of any I’m obsessed with??

Female Actress: If we count theatre people, then: Willemijn Verkaik and Judy Kuhn. Also Kerry Ellis, Sutton Foster, and Stephanie J Block. And Eva Gabor. 

Best Friend: None 

Siblings: a sister

Dream job: I don’t know, something in a lab or with animals

Political ideology: Not a big political person. I generally agree more with liberal ideals

Religion: Methodist in name, kind of blah in practice

Tattoos: None, but want a couple

Piercing: ears 

Languages: English and 7 years’ worth of poorly-taught French

Reason behind URL: in a children’s story my friend and I were writing, there’s a cat named Punzi. She’s based on one of my personal characters who originally was an OC for CATS (but she now has absolutely nothing to do with CATS). The “mzlle” is for “mademoiselle”. 

Reason behind icon: Because Aeva!Demeter is my beautiful darling baby and I love her

Tracked tags: cats musical, cats the musical, juniata college, nancy drew, eva gabor

Why you joined: Originally only to follow an actress I like, but then my friend showed me how tumblr actually works

First URL: mystafyre

Number of blogs: a few, but I’m only consistently active on 2

And i tag: lcrell, and basically anyone and everyone who happens to read this. That means you.

Anonymous asked:
"Just thanking you for uploading the original Japanese cast recording! It's amazing! I'm so happy! :)"

Sure thing :D If you’re the same anon, thanks for clearing up my confusion over them! I hadn’t wanted to buy it before because I was afraid it would just be a duplicate or re-issue.

botpixie asked:
"sooo when i cosplay demeter at kumoricon i think i've decided not to flip my septum piercing up :P"

Ooh I think that would look really cool as part of a Demeter cosplay. I hope you will post pictures, yes?? (not to sound like a creep haha)

Things I have way too much of: CATS stuff

Things I desperately need more of: CATS stuff

Anonymous asked:
"I'm the anon who asked about your Japanese cast recordings :) The original cast recording is live (you can hear the audience) and was recorded, I believe, in 1983. The long-run cast recording was recorded in 1989 in a studio. They are also different casts. I have the long-run cast recording, and it's one of my most prized possessions, but I would love to hear the original if that's the one you have!"


Oh godddd I want that!! Pretty sure I have the same as you though =\

Hey Anon! So I bought the first Japanese recording :) Here you go! (x)

A Cat’s Diary: How the Broadway Production of CATS Was Born